Buzzshot Waivers

Buzzshot makes player registration and managing consent waivers simple – from team names to individual’s specifics, we’ve got you covered.

Buzzshot by default collects a Team Name, plus the Name, Email and Telephone Number of each individual player. But to use Buzzshot as a waiver system you'll also need to add your legal text and make sure Buzzshot is setup how you need it.

To add your legal text and setup the form please go to

  1. You can add and edit your own written text and legal terms and the first text box. (it's also possible to have different text for each of your rooms if they require different wording)
  2. If you want to collect a signature from each player select "Require a signature" below.
  3. You may also want to enable signing for minors option which collects the names of any minors being signed for.
  4. You can also setup a separate Privacy Policy if you need it, make sure you turn on the extra checkbox to allow players to read and agree to it.
  5. Finally you may also want to add an opt in box so that players can give you consent to email them later

Buzzshot is designed to make player registration a quick and simple experience, for them and you. All collected details can then be used by you to send follow up emails and/or SMS messages encouraging players to share their group photo on Facebook and leave you a review on TripAdvisor, Google and/or Yelp!

Talk to us about additional customisations:

Perhaps you’d like to capture players birthdays, postcodes or even ask multiple choice questions like ‘Where did you hear about us? No problem, please talk to The Buzzshot Team about your needs and we’ll help you get setup exactly as you’d like.

Perhaps you already use an online booking system like Bookeo or Xola and would like to sync bookings with Buzzshot and perhaps get waivers signed in advance? No problem, we provide Bookeo Integration and Xola Integration already and we’ll happily listen to what you’d like and do our best to deliver. Please tell us what you need.