Leaderboard Widgets

Buzzshot allows you to create custom widgets for displaying Leaderboard information. These can be embedded in your website or they can be displayed on a TV screen wherever you want them. You can create a different Leaderboard for each room, different ranking criteria or number of hints taken. Leaderboards can be customized with choices or font, background images and colors. You can even supply custom CSS if you want to do something really specific.

Creating a Leaderboard widget

To create a Leaderboard widget go to the Widgets settings page and click "Create Leaderboard Widget". Enter a title (eg "ACME Room Leaders") and select the room this Leaderboard will be for. You can then select a ranking criteria (usually Time but can be Score) and time period. Click "Save" to create your new Leaderboard. Once you have saved it once we will show a preview on the right hand side of what your new Leaderboard widget looks like, tweak the settings as needed to produce the look you want.

Embedding a Leaderboard widget in your website

Once you have created a Leaderboard we will supply you with an "Embed Code". This is some HTML code which you can insert into your website. If you give this to the person who manages your website the should be able to insert it into the page of your choosing. If you need some support getting this working please do get in touch at support@buzzshot.com letting us know what kind of website you have (if you know).

Showing a Leaderboard widget full screen

If you have a computer connected to the screen you would like to display the leaderboard on the easiest way is to open it in a web browser.

Once you have created a Leaderboard we will give you a Direct Link. You can open this in a browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and it will display your Leaderboard, click anywhere on the leaderboard to make it full screen (you can press escape to make it not full screen again if you need to).

The leaderboard will automatically update every few minutes if any of the data has changed.

What to do about incorrect data

Sometimes data will get entered incorrectly and you'll end up with a team at the top of your leaderboard when it shouldn't be! You can edit a team's escape time or score to correct these errors. First find the team in the Leaderboard stats page and click the team name to go to the Team details page. Next click the Action button in the top right corner and select "Edit Completion Data". You can change the escape time and/or score to the correct values and save, your leaderboard will now be correct!

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