Morty reviews

Buzzshot can integrate with Morty (the escape room app) to request Morty reviews from your players. It can also pull in any reviews you get on Morty and display them in the Buzzshot Dashboard to help you keep track of all your review sites in one place.

Integration Explained

Morty App is an escape room review app available for iPhone and web users, find out more about Morty here. The integration between Buzzshot and Morty App serves two purposes:

  1. Buzzshot can automatically pull in all reviews for a particular escape room from Morty and collate them in one place alongside your Facebook, TripAdvisor and Google reviews.
  2. A button to “Review on Morty” can be added into your SMS and email marketing to encourage players to leave a review after their visit.

Enable the Integration with Morty

To use the Morty integration on your Buzzshot account, follow these steps outlined below:

  1. Go to “Reviews and Feedback” settings page
  2. Add the Morty game profile URL for each of your games

Once you have connected Morty a 'Leave us a review on Morty' button should appear in your 'Thanks for playing' Emails and on the SMS landing page.

If it doesn't appear for you it may be because you have some custom settings, get in touch with us at and we'll sort it out!

We will also display your reviews from Morty once it is connected, usually within a few hours. Buzzshot will then display all new reviews as they happen in the Reviews Dashboard!