Getting more reviews

Players love their escape room experience and they will happily leave you a great review if you ask them and if they remember. But life is busy and people forget!

Buzzshot Escape Room Software helps ensure the fun isn’t forgotten by automatically sending a follow up email and/or SMS text your players after they play. But to get the most out of it there are a few things you should consider.

Tips to get more reviews with Buzzshot

  • How much time are your Game Masters (GMs) or staff actually spending with your players? Are they getting to know each other by name or building a connection through the game? If a player thinks a Game Master has been a great host then they are often very keen to leave a review that mentions the Game Master by name.
  • Make sure your Game Masters are asking people to review and give them personal feedback and praise. One trap is that the GMs might assume that because the software is doing it they don't need to anymore. This isn't true though, the GM asking the players to review is what makes them want to review (to do a favor for the person who just helped them have a great time and to let them know what a great job they're doing!). Buzzshot then reminds them and gives them an easy way to actually do it.
  • Make sure you're capturing the whole team in Buzzshot. Only having the contact name and details for the single person who made the booking only gives you one chance to get a review. If you get the whole teams details that's usually 4-6 chances!
  • Make it more personal. Edit your followup emails and SMS message in the Buzzshot settings to make your communications more personal. People will respond much better! You could write different emails for different games, perhaps written to come from the lead character in the game, or perhaps even the GM. Making the followup email an extension of the game can prove to be more fun and encourage more people to click though.
  • Consider reducing the number of review buttons. Asking for reviews on loads of sites can give the players too much choice and cause them to never do anything. Consider just asking for the one or two sites that are most important to you.
  • How good are your team photos? Look back through your team photos. Is the quality good or is there room for improvement? Are the majority of your teams winning/escaping or are many of them marked as 'lost or did not win'. Not everyone wants to share that they've lost. The better your photos are the more likely people are to want to share them. Have you considered adding graphic overlays, escape times, and game details like Team Name and a statement like "Team Name escaped, well done!" (you could even have a positive but different caption for teams that have lost?). Basically, the more context a photo has the less it needs to be explained when shared – if the image tells the story, it doesn't need a text explanation and that means it's quicker and easier for players to share. Buzzshot can do various clever things when it comes to overlays and custom graphics.
  • Have you setup Buzzshot's Facebook Integrations? If you want to increase the amount of social sharing on facebook and alike, we definitely recommend enabling automatic uploads to Facebook, and if most of your audience are facebook users perhaps it's worth trying to get facebook reviews setup too, to see if that helps. And perhaps encourage your players to like their team photos on facebook, or tag the players in their team? These kinds of subtle cues can lead to wider visibility online.
  • Consider mentioning the Games Master. The Buzzshot App can be configured to collect the name of the Games Master who took the game then we can mention it in the email and SMS page. This can make it feel more personal. For example "Be sure to mention your Games Master was Dave in your review!".
  • Send feedback surveys Although our Surveys feature is primarily aimed at geting you private actionable feedback it has a side effect that when we ask people to review after filling out a survey a few who previously hadn't got round to it will actually review! So you get that private feedback and some extra public reviews you wouldn't otherwise have got.

With a few tweaks you can get much better results. Let us know your ideas or questions at