Using the Buzzshot App

This page describes the standard way of using the Buzzshot app. There are lots of ways of customizing this flow to your particular requirements though, I've mentioned a few in the Alternatives sections but get in touch if you'd like help making it work in the ideal way for you.

Checking Players In

new team

When new players arrive you'll use the Buzzshot app to check them in, either select their team (if it's already there, this happens when you use the Booking Integrations) or you tap "Create New Team".

Select the room the players will be playing then hand the iPad to them and allow them to enter a team name and their details. It may help to remind them that giving phone numbers or emails is what allows you to send them their team photo.

Once all the players have entered their details the Games Master can take back the tablet and save tap "Save" to save the team. The players are now ready to play the game!

Alternatives You can setup Buzzshot to lock to the "New Team" screen by using the "Kiosk Mode" option on the side menu. This can be useful if you want to have players sign in without the supervision of a Games Master. It's also possible to use multiple iPads at the same time, ask about setting this up!

Taking the Team Photo

select a team

After a team has played your game you'll usually want to take a Team Photo. Open the Buzzshot app on the device you want to take the photo on, which can be the tablet you used for checking-in the players or another phone or tablet. If the team doesn't show then press the refresh button in the top right hand corner. Then tap the camera icon under the correct team, this will either let you select a previously taken photo or take a new one using the device's camera. Once you're happy with a photo press the green button accept it.

Alternatives If you'd like to use a dedicated camera or DSLR instead of a phone or tablet then ask about the various options we have to set that up.

Completing the Team

complete a team

The final thing the Game Master must do is to Complete the team. To do this tap the "Complete" button under the team. This will ask a few questions about the game (we can customize these to suite you, just ask!) before completing it. Once a team is complete the SMS and email messages will be sent to the players (after your configured delay, often 20 minutes but this can be changed) and the photos uploaded to Facebook (unless you uncheck "Upload to Facebook).

Once a team is completed it upload to the Buzzshot servers then disappear from the app.

Buzzshot Admin

All player and team information is viewable and exportable in the Buzzshot Admin system which is available as a web app on your computer or tablet. You can access the Buzzshot admin at

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