Integrating Buzzshot with Zapier

Zapier is a service that let's you connect apps you use together. So when something happens in one app you can take an action in another. Buzzshot supports Zapier so you can integrate Buzzshot with any of the other bits of software that Zapier supports.

To use the Zapier integration you'll need a Zapier account. Once you have that click this link to be invited to use Buzzshot in Zapier (Buzzshot is currently a private integration so you won't see it in the supported list until you've been invited).

Once you have done this you can create a new Zap in Zapier and select Buzzshot as one of the integration to use.

What can the Buzzshot Zapier Integration do?

Zapier works based on Triggers (something that happens in Buzzshot and can trigger an action in Zapier) and Actions (something that Zapier can do to Buzzshot).

Trigger on new player

This happens for each player once a team is marked "complete" and for any players added after that. You can select to only receive players who have opted in to email marketing. You could use this to sign players up for your mailing list or to add them to your CRM?

Trigger on team photo ready

Once a new team photo has been generated this trigger will fire. Maybe you could use it it to add photos to a photo album or add them to your Dropbox?

Trigger on team complete

Once a team has been completed this trigger will fire. Maybe you could use it to update a leader board? (Leader board options built in to Buzzshot are coming soon by the way!)

Action to create a team

This action creates a new team with some player details and can optionally send out an invite for that play to pre-register. You could use this to have teams automatically setup in Buzzshot when players book! (but if you use Xola or Bookeo check out our direct integrations with them)

Action to create a photo

This action creates a photo in Buzzshot's library ready to be attached to a team. Maybe use this to automatically send photos to Buzzshot from your Dropdox or anywhere else your camera can send them!

What will be supported in the future?

Lots of things! But let us know what you'd like to be able to do by emailing and we'll do our best to get whatever you need supported.