Setup a leaderboard TV slideshow using a ChromeBit

This article shows you how to create a slideshow of leaderboards for display on a screen at your location using a Google ChromeBit.Displaying a slideshow of leaderboards is useful so you can switch between the leaderboards for different rooms, or even for different time periods.

A Google ChromeBit is a device that plugs into a TV and can functional as a digital sign displaying web content. A ChromeBit is not to be confused with a ChromeCast which is also a device from Google that plugs into your TV.

Creating the Leaderboards and getting the Direct Links

You should first create the leaderboard widgets that you want to display following the instructions here. After creating each leaderboard look for the "Direct Link" section (shown on the right at the bottom) and note down the link for later.

photo showing a ChromeBit plugged into the back of a TV

Install the Url Slideshow and configure on your ChromeBit

With a Keyboard and Mouse plugged into your ChromeBit open up the Chrome Web Store and search for "Url Slideshow" in Extensions. When you've found it click "Add to Chrome" to install it.

Click on the three dot menu in the top right corner and select "More tools" then "Extensions". Find the "Url Slideshow" and click "Options" to open up the configuration window.

Enter a time between slides (30 seconds is a good choice) and tick the "Fullscreen" option. Then add each of the Leaderboard Direct Link urls you collected above and click "Save".

Starting the Slideshow

To start the slideshow click the play button which now shows in the top right of the Chrome window.