Touchless Registration

If you are using one of our booking integrations you are probably already asking players to register (and sign your waiver/terms/rules if you have them) via an email before they arrive. For players who arrive at your location without having registered you would usually have them sign in via our app. However with the COVID-19 situation you may want to avoid having them touch a shared tablet.

The touchless registration feature allows players to register themselves using their own device while at your location. We supply a QR Code which you can print out and which your players can scan to access the registration page.

To use touchless registration either the groups must be created before hand (usually via one of booking integrations but can be done manually) or you must set up timeslots in the Buzzshot settings.

You can download your QR Code in the "Touchless Registration" page in the settings. You should print it out and put in a place easily accessible to your players. You may wish to add additional instructions before printing. You can print out a single code for all your rooms or you can print out individual codes for each room.

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