Reopening after COVID-19

As lockdown restrictions lift post-coronavirus and Buzzshot customers start to reopen we thought it would be a good time to give some details about reopening with Buzzshot.

How to resume your Buzzshot subscription

If you paused your Buzzshot subscription during the crisis you can resume it be emailing We can resume at your old pricing level or, if you wish, at a lower pricing level to allow for a slower ramp up of players after this virus. If you had any time on your subscription when you paused we will add this to your subscription pushing back your first post-corona billing date.

Your account is active even if your subscription is paused so you are welcome to start using Buzzshot again right away.


Buzzshot has supported pre-registration for a while but this has become more useful for a lot of people now. This feature allows you to send out an email before the game so that players can sign-in (and sign your waiver if you have one) before they arrive to play.

You can combine this with one of our booking integrations to automatically send invites to pre-register/pre-sign each time you get a booking. The player who booked can then invite their friends to also do the same.

Touch-free registration on-site

For players who arrive at your location without having signed the waiver we can give you a special url and QR Code that will take players to the registration page on their own mobile device. This will allow them to sign-in/sign your waiver without touching anything but their own device. You can read more about setting up touchless registration here.

Contact tracing

The UK government has requested that businesses assist the NHS Test and Trace System by keeping a temporary record of all customers and visitors for 21 days. Other governments may make, or have made, similar requests. You can read more about our data export function to help with this here.

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