Buzzshot Escape Room Software uploads automatically to Facebook

Automatic Facebook Upload for Escape Rooms

Uploading your Escape Room photos to Facebook is a chore! And what's more if you do it wrong you are flooding the people who have "liked" your page, possibly causing them to "unlike" you! Buzzshot automates the uploading team photos from your Escape Room to Facebook.

It does this right after each game but it's clever enough to upload them into albums not the normal newsfeed post. That way the photos are there for the people who want them but don't bother the people who aren't looking for them.

This is fully integrated with Buzzshot so you don't have to do anything extra to make it happen (although you do have the option of stopping the Facebook upload of certain photos if needed).

Needless to say all the photos are fully customised with your branding so they look great!

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