Buzzshot's Electronic Waiver Support

Escape Room Waiver Software

Throw away your paper waiver forms! Buzzshot provides electronic waiver software specifically for Escape Rooms that runs on your iPad or Android tablet. You can choose to collect an actual signature or just have them tick a box to indicate agreement. The Buzzshot app is a real mobile application so if your Wi-Fi goes down it keeps on running and just uploads the data later on.

Want people to sign your waiver before they even come through your door? With Buzzshot your players have the option to sign your waiver online so when they arrive there's nothing more to do but play the game. Of course not everyone is that organised, so if a player hasn't pre-signed they can still do so from your iPad or Android tablet when they arrive.

Buzzshot can integrate with your booking software to automatically invite players to sign your waiver as soon as they book!

This is all fully integrated into the rest of Buzzshot, so it also collects all the data you need for marketing purposes and you get branded Team photos emailed and texted to all your players and automatically uploaded to Facebook.

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