Escape Rooms in England: Be contact tracing ready when you re-open

Posted in Escape Room Business Management by Tom Parslow on Thu 25 June 2020

This article is written for Escape Rooms in England, but it may be useful for anywhere else where the government starts asking businesses to keep track of their customers for contact tracing purposes. Guidance for re-opening safely and advice for publishing a Covid-19 risk assessment on your website are still being published by government. Nothing in this article or on this site is legal advice. Specialist legal advice should be taken in relation to your own specific circumstances.

The UK government has requested that businesses assist the NHS Test and Trace System by keeping a temporary record of all customers and visitors for 21 days (Ie. keep a record of all your visitor names, contact numbers and email addresses, plus the date/time of their visit), in a way that is manageable for your business and to assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for that data if needed.

Many businesses that take bookings already have a system for recording their customers and visitors – including restaurants and hotels. If your escape room business doesn't already do this, you could follow one of these methods:

  • Ask all your visitors to sign a paper based form/register when they arrive. Please ensure you have cleaning and hygiene procedures in place so everyone's not sharing an unwashed pen or touching the same unwashed surface.

  • Ask all your visitors to fill in an online Spreadsheet or Form. Google Forms  are free to setup and will allow you to collect the needed information into a spreadsheet. Your players could pre-sign using their own home computers ahead of game day, or using their smartphone on the day. 
  • Setup your booking software to collect this information. You'll need to make sure it's getting information for all players, not just the one person who books. You'll should also check that the people turning up are all accounted for.

  • If your business is already using Buzzshot then you are probably already collecting all your player names and contact details. You could then just ask any additional visitors to also sign-in using Buzzshot. If you further wish to reduce risk you could also activate Buzzshot's pre-registration emails (usually in conjunction with our booking integrations) and touchless check-in features. These together allow you to automatically email a registration form to players when they book and also provide a registration form to use on-site but usable from their own phones for players who forget to pre-register.  You can include your Covid-19 Risk Assessment, or other rules and conditions, in your registration form as you deem it necessary. Buzzshot now includes a export function to aid in providing data for a contact tracing request.

Even if you are already using one of these methods you may have to change your policies to make sure that every player attending your games fills out their details. This may involve extra instructions to your staff around checking that all players present have put in their details.

If you're not a Buzzshot customer but are interested in checking it out then you can get a free demo and a free trial of the software here.
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