“Say Cheese!” - Capturing the Perfect End of Game Shot for your Escape Room

Posted in Escape Room Business Management by Mairi Nolan on Wed 22 February 2023

How to choose the right camera and device setup for your escape room for the most sharable escape room photographs

Escape rooms have become increasingly popular over the years, and it's no wonder why! They can transport players into a world beyond their wildest dreams, bring people together from all walks of life, and challenge them physically and mentally. But no matter the escape room, and no matter the escapees, there’s one thing teams have in common: They want a fantastic team photo at the end to commemorate their escape.

Choosing the perfect hardware and software to power your escape room photography is an important decision every business owner faces. After all, your players are your biggest marketing assets, and having high quality, branded sharable photographs are a must-have.

This is where Buzzshot comes in. Buzzshot is an all-in-one escape room photography software that seamlessly integrates with your rooms, your bookings, and your customers. Buzzshot puts the power in the hands of the Games Master. It’s quick and easy to take great photos, apply branding and team statistics automatically, and send them out to all players in that booking with the tap of a button.

Before getting started with an escape room photography management software, you’ll want to first choose your camera and device setup. This article outlines many of the popular devices and setups to help you choose one that’s right for your business.

Phone it In - Using Your Mobile Device

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to take high-quality photos in an escape room is the very device you’re (probably) reading this article on: Your smartphone!

With the advancements in smartphone technology, most modern phones - whether it's an iPhone, an Android, or your favourite brand - come equipped with powerful cameras that are more than capable of capturing high quality, dynamic and atmospheric images. If you're unsure about your phone's camera quality, a quick online search can reveal which models have the best cameras - with the Google Pixel being a popular choice.

If you’re concerned about using an individual’s phone, many escape rooms have a designated device the whole team uses. This could also be the smartphone or tablet you check players in via Buzzshot with.

Shutterbugging - Using an SLR Camera

While using a phone is an easy option, a dedicated SLR camera may give even better results. Escape rooms with large lobby areas may wish to take advantage of a backdrop, props, and an SLR camera mounted on a tripod to get a consistent, high quality look and feel to each team’s photo.

Photo: Allec Gomes

When using an SLR camera, photos will need to be transferred to a tablet or PC via an SD card or by using the camera's wi-fi function. Some of the most popular and affordable cameras used by escape rooms include the Canon EOS Rebel T8i, which features built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for seamless image transfer to mobile devices or computers. Another popular camera is the Nikon D5600, which offers both WiFi and NFC connectivity for easy pairing with compatible devices. Additionally, the Sony Alpha a6000 boasts built-in WiFi and NFC.

Once you have the photos on your PC, you can upload them to Buzzshot using the web admin portal and Buzzshot will take care of all the hard work of resizing, optimising, adding your escape room’s unique branding, and sending them out automatically to each player.

You have your hardware, now pick the perfect software

Now that you've got your hardware sorted, it's time to pick the perfect escape room photography software to bring everything together. While a good camera and device setup is important, it's only one part of the puzzle. You also need a reliable and efficient software solution to quickly process and distribute the photos.

With Buzzshot, you can quickly and easily process your photos, add your branding, and automatically send them out to your players. With features like social media sharing and custom photo frames, Buzzshot makes it easy for players to share their photos and spread the word about your escape room.

So no matter what hardware you use, choosing the right software like Buzzshot is the key to taking your escape room photography to the next level.

A Picture-Perfect Finish for Every Team

The bottom line - there are many ways to set up a fantastic escape room photo, but having the right hardware and software makes all the difference in the world. For a low cost and efficient solution, use your phone. Or, if you’re looking for a premium touch, consider an SLR camera. Buzzshot runs seamlessly on any device that supports Android apps, so no matter the gear you’ve got, Buzzshot will make it snappy.

Get started for free today at Buzzshot!

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