Buzzshot’s new integration with Morty attracts escape room enthusiast reviews across the world

Posted in Marketing by Tom Parslow on Mon 15 August 2022

At Buzzshot, we’re always looking for ways to help escape room businesses drive more sales, attract more players and grow reputation within the escape room industry. One of the ways in which business owners can do this is by attracting more reviews - and not just any reviews, ones from the experts themselves.

To help your escape rooms achieve this goal Buzzshot is very excited to announce a new integration with none other than Morty App.

Morty is a highly specialized and fast growing escape room tracking app with a growing database of over 24,000 escape rooms worldwide. Since its launch, tens of thousands of escape room enthusiasts have signed up and played over 100,000 escape rooms between them. Reviews on Morty aren’t just simple star ratings, but purpose-built for the escape room industry with powerful algorithms to help players find brilliant new escape rooms, and teams to play with, near them.

As a part of this integration, here is everything you need to know. From what to expect, to what features to look out for, and how to best make use of the new integration to boost your escape room’s popularity!

Introducing Morty App, By Enthusiasts, for Enthusiasts

Since its launch, Morty has been widely regarded as one of the fastest growing and most popular escape room review sites on the web, and there’s a very good reason. Morty’s mission is to empower not just the enthusiast, but escape room owners too.

“It's our job to create more enthusiasts, let owners present their games how they like, and get everyone playing more escape rooms and visiting more immersive attractions.” - Morty App

Since Morty has been designed by escape room enthusiasts, for enthusiasts and owners, they understand what makes an escape room business tick. Reviews on Morty offer a level of detail beyond what most ‘attraction’ review sites can. With greater detail comes a higher quality and an algorithm to help players find rooms they know they’ll love.

Morty Apps Review System Morty App’s Review System

With over 60,000 detailed escape room reviews from enthusiasts worldwide, Morty gives players the tools to pour their passion into writing quality reviews.

We love what we do, and we love teaming up with useful apps to help you attract excited and enthusiastic players to grow your business’ fan base beyond the local neighborhood.

Morty 🤝 Buzzshot

About Buzzshot’s integration with Morty

Adding to our existing roster of TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook reviews, from today Buzzshot users will now be able to see what Morty users are saying about their escape rooms. As you know, positive reviews are an escape room’s most powerful marketing tool. With the new integration, you can be sure you’ll never miss one.

Buzzshots integration with Morty

Separately monitoring multiple review sites is time consuming and costly, so we’re committed to making it easier by putting all the tools you need in one place. With Morty integrated, all your reviews can be viewed easily from one place within Buzzshot.

What’s more, you can automatically encourage your visitors to leave a review on Morty, as well as TripAdvisor, Facebook or Google. Buzzshot sends a ‘Thanks for playing’ Email and SMS message to all your players after their game along with their Team Photo.

Morty Apps Review System Buzzshot's customisable 'Thanks for playing' email containing review request links

Enabling review integrations like Morty provide you enable you an effective springboard for more reviews, returning visitors and enhanced business marketing.

Buzzshots integrations with review sites

How to integrate Morty into your Buzzshot account

To get started and integrate Morty into your Buzzshot account, simply head to the “Reviews and Feedback” settings page in Buzzshot, and add the Morty game profile URL for each of your games. From this point you’ll be able to track reviews of individual games, and offer all your players a “Review on Morty” button sent out automatically after their visit.

If you have any questions or issues, check out our support article here, or get in touch with us at and we’ll help you out.

If you don’t already have a Buzzshot account and would love to find out how we can supercharge your escape room business, sign up for a free trial today. Even if you’ve had a trial in the past, we’re excited to show you all our new features. Get in touch today at

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