5 email marketing ideas you should use for your escape room

By Mairi Nolan

On any given day, our inbox is absolutely full of emails. Seriously, go check yours. I’ll wait…

…That’s right, there’s a lot of noise in our inboxes, and most of the time we either give it a cursory glance, mark the whole thing as read, or at worse …

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What is an escape room?

By Mairi Nolan

Escape room players come in all shapes and sizes: Some book an escape room very occasionally - perhaps once a year on a special occasion. Others voluntarily travel around seeking out the newest, most exciting rooms to get locked up in each weekend!

But there’s one thing every …

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5 Photoshop Tips for Amazing Escape Room Photos

By Katie
Escape room photos

Does your escape room produce good quality player photos?

For some businesses, the photo is almost an afterthought - a quick snap and maybe a post to Facebook - but photos can be so much more.

One thing we’ve observed is that players really like having photos taken! …

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Direct Mail Marketing for Escape Rooms

By Katie
Direct mail marketing

When you think about marketing your escape room, what usually comes to mind?

Many people think of online marketing or advertising via local publications, but probably one of the most under-utilised methods is direct mail marketing.

As it sounds, this is where you send advertising materials in the …

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Better Escape Room Photos in Photoshop with the Vignette Effect

By Bill Parslow

It’s always worth making your Escape Room group photos stand out from the crowd. One way to that is through the easily created but interesting modification, called the vignette effect. Users of Buzzshot can have this effect applied automatically of course, but here we'll look at how you …

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Is Your Escape Room Website Built For Success?

By Katie
Escape room website

How well do you rate your escape room website?

Good? Poor? Could be better?

The important thing about your website is that it should be meeting the goals you have for it - promoting your escape room and ultimately, getting those bookings!

Some websites do a better job …

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