Unleash the power of email marketing: Introducing Broadcast Mailing for Buzzshot

Posted in Marketing by Mairi Nolan on Thu 6 July 2023

Our goal at Buzzshot is to continually find new ways to help you level up your escape room business. From giving you the tools to help you manage your rooms and staff, to creating an easy to use waiver system, to automatically generated and branded photographs… Which is why we’re so excited to announce a brand new feature we think you’ll love: Broadcast mailing!

Broadcast mailing is a powerful and versatile tool that gives you the ability to contact all of our customers and subscribers in one go, all from within the Buzzshot platform. It’s email marketing, but turbocharged. Use Broadcast Mailing to send out monthly newsletters, let players know about your new offer, or encourage them to come back and play a new escape room.

The new feature is now available to all Buzzshot users - look out for the “Broadcast” button in your Buzzshot admin portal to get started now.

Why Broadcast Mailing?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

Buzzshot is already a powerful customer satisfaction tool used by thousands of escape rooms worldwide. Chances are, if you’re a Buzzshot user, you’re already capturing and storing a lot of useful information about your players - their team names, their escape times, whether they’re playing with friends or kids, which rooms they still need to play, and so much more.

We identified that exporting captured emails and data from Buzzshot into another email marketing platform was a key pain point for many users. So we looked for new ways we could improve this. Fast forward a few months and more than a few vigorous rounds of beta testing, and we’re now ready to unveil Broadcast Mailing, the new feature where you can put your escape room front and center in all your player communications.

If you’re already using an email marketing platform like Mailchimp, it’s our hope that Buzzshot’s in-built email marketing platform will be cheaper, easier and overall more convenient to use, since everything is all built into the same system.

With the new Broadcast Mailing feature, you can:

  • Upload your existing email lists into Buzzshot with a handy uploader tool.

  • Create professional and exciting campaigns in our easy to use email builder.

  • Organise and segment based on Buzzshot metrics such as games played, times played, and last visit.

  • Powerful targeting with personalised audiences, such as team names, GM names, and escape time.

  • Manage your campaigns with an advanced analytics tool.

To see it in action simply log into your Buzzshot account and tap “Broadcasts” on the left hand side. If you haven’t yet signed up for a Buzzshot account, you can start a free trial today.

Broadcast Emails sound great! Sign me up!

Broadcast mailing is available now for everyone using Buzzshot for their escape room venue at no extra cost. You don’t need any design skills to get started, so you can go in and start sending emails to your customers like a pro.

To get you on your feet, you’ll be able to send broadcast emails to up to 20,000 people per year as a part of your existing Buzzshot subscription. So, if you have a mailing list of 5,000 players you could send them a broadcast email once a month for every four months for no additional cost! After this point, if you’d like to level up your email marketing, it’ll cost just US$25/month for up to 20,000 extra sends each month. Considerably less expensive than the next leading email marketing platform, and the best part is you can handle the whole thing without ever having to leave the Buzzshot platform.

Don’t forget, if you get stuck on anything or want a helpful hint, you can check out our help article here!

How to get the most out of Buzzshot’s new Broadcast Mailing feature

Ready to take your email marketing to the next level? With the new feature, you’ll have the power to reach more players and encourage an even higher open rate than ever. But first, make sure you’re maximise the impact of the new upgrade by making best use of it. Here’s our top tips for getting started:

Firstly, make sure to verify your domain!

In order to use the Broadcast Email feature you must verify your domain name. Essentially, this gives us (Buzzshot) permission to send emails on your (awesome escape room) behalf. This is what allows us to deliver emails from you to your players without them ending up in spam. You can read more about verifying your domain name here.

Then, import your list.

Already have a list of people subscribed to your newsletter? Of course you do! You can import them into Buzzshot directly, or add a new segment that captures everyone who has already opted-in to marketing via Buzzshot, such as signing a waiver.

Next, make sure you segment your lists so you can really dig down into what makes your audience tick! Segmentation allows you to filter out some players, and include others, so you can make sure the email they receive is highly personalised. You may wish to try segmenting based on:

  • Which players have played Room A, but not Room B

  • Which players have ‘escaped’ and which have ‘failed’

  • Players who haven’t visited in over a year

Then, when you’re ready to start sending, don’t forget to personalise every email with a great subject and body.

In Buzzshot, you can also personalise individual emails based on your players’ interactions with your escape rooms. We’re talking not just the usual marketing datapoints like “First Name” or “Location”, but with Buzzshot you can also use team name, team score, escape time, win/lose variables, games master name, to name just a few.

Why not use your email to thank your players by name, craft exciting post-game mailers from their GM, or offer players a discount to come back and play the sequel to the escape room they just tried last weekend?

Here are some email subjects and campaign ideas you can try:

  • Hey Mystery Mavericks! You escaped Acme Room in 54:32 - think you can do better in Buzzshot Bay?”

  • A message from your GM, Cassandra 👋

  • Hey Tom, the results are in - your team scored an impressive 49:12 on this month’s leaderboard! Here’s a prize!

  • Breaking News: Robbers known as Team Cipher Sisters escaped The Vault with $358,000!

  • You’ve played 3 out of our 4 escape rooms - come play the last this month and get 25% off!

  • Hey Tom! It’s been 3 months since you last played - ready for your next adventure?

Our handy email editor is designed to be incredibly easy to use. Choose between using our in-built templates, or fire up a blank email and start building something yourself from scratch. However you choose to craft your emails, we’ve made it incredibly easy to use the drag and drop editor and text processor to customise your broadcast emails.

Last but not least, once you’ve started sending emails don’t forget to keep an eye on our powerful analytics suite. Within Buzzshot, you’ll be able to see exactly which emails are performing well at a glance. With each new learning, you’ll be able to help inform decisions about how and when you email your players for the best return.

All in all, we’re super proud of our new Broadcast Mailing feature, and we’d love for you to take advantage of it. If you’re a Buzzshot user, get started today and superpower your marketing effort. If you haven’t yet tried Buzzshot, you can sign up for a free trial today.

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