Verify your domain to improve email deliverability

Buzzshot sends emails on your behalf including your after game "Thanks for playing" emails and, optionally, emails inviting players to pre-register before a game. Sometimes these emails will end up in the Spam folder instead of the Inbox. You can vastly reduce the chance of this happening by Verifying your domain name with Buzzshot. This tells the world, and specifically other email servers, that Buzzshot is authorized to send email on your behalf which makes it much more trusted.

To verify your email domains go to the "Verify sending domains" option in the emails settings page. This will show all the domains we are sending under for your (usually this will just be one domain). If the status of your domain is "Unverfied" then click "Configure" next to it, this will give your two DNS Records to setup.

How to set up a DNS Record varies depending on your website/email hosting. If you have someone who manages your website and/or email you should send the details to them to implement. If you manage your own website/email then we have collected some links to instructions for various hosting providers below. If you need a hand just email and we'll be happy to help.

Links to DNS setup documentation for hosting providers

Don't see your hosting provider on the list? You may be able to find it on google by searching for "Custom DNS " or feel free to get in touch at if you need a hand.

DMARC (optional)

Setting up DMARC can also help with your email deliverability although it is not required form Buzzshot. DMARC settings are not specific to Buzzshot but will effect all email sending on your domain. We recommend your talk to your email hosting and domain provider about setting up for you because it should greatly help your future business marketing and online communications.

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