Booking Software Integrations

Turbo charge your booking software, and Buzzshot escape room software, by activating one of our integrations.



Booking integrations allow Buzzshot to automatically receive data whenever a booking is made for your Escape Room. Automatically invite your players to pre-sign the waiver (or just pre-register if you're not using a waiver) and also lets them invite their friends.


If players have pre-signed then once they arrive at your door there's nothing more for them to do but play the game! Of course not everyone is that organised, so if a player hasn't pre-signed they can still do so from your iPad or Android tablet when they arrive.


Buzzshot supports the most popular booking solutions including Resova, Xola, Bookeo, Fareharbor and Checkfront. And we're adding more all the time, let us know what you use!

Have custom booking software for you website? No problem! Put us in touch with whoever looks after your website and we'll help them get in integrated.

Or call us on +44 1273 917357 (United Kingdom)

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