Creating a survey

This article is about creating a survey. If you'd like an overview of the surveys feature then click here.

To create a post-game survey to send out to your players go to the Surveys section of settings and click Create Survey Button. You'll be presented with a number of templates by we recommend you start with "Simple Feedback Survey".

Once you have selected the template you'll be taken to the survey editor. You can edit the questions here if you like and you can also add additional questions. The first question should usually be a "Sentiment Score" question (this allows the system to sort your survey responses by how happy the player was). Check out the article on the survey editor here for more details.

Once you have created your survey you should click on "Survey Settings" and and configure it to automatically send out for each player. You can click the buttons here to edit the emails that are sent to your players to ask them to complete the survey and to thank them once they complete it. You will probably also want to go to the Notifications section of Buzzshot settings and switch on daily or weekly emails to let you know about new responses.

You can always return to the Surveys section of Buzzshot settings to edit your survey again in the future, or to change how it is sent out.