Survey Editor

The survey editor allows you to edit a survey. If you'd like an overview of the surveys feature then click here..

A survey is made up of 1 or more pages, though we recommend just 1 page for the majority of surveys (a smaller, simpler survey will get more responses usually). To add a page click the plus symbol next to the Pages header. You can also delete a page or change its name by clicking the three dots next to it.

Within each page are a number of questions. You can add a new question by clicking the add question button and selecting a question type. You can reorder questions by dragging them with your mouse.

Question Types

Sentiment Score questions

A sentiment score question asks the player to give an answer on a scale of 0 to 10. The normal question text for this kind of question is "How likely would you be to recommend us to a friend?" and if you set one of these questions as the first question in your survey then we will calculate a sentiment score based on it. We treat scores from 0 to 6 as "detractors" (the player probably was not happy with their experience) scores of 7 and 8 are treated as "passives" (the player was not unhappy but also not particularly happy) and 9 and 10 are "promotors" (the player liked the experience and is likely to promote it to others). When we display a summary of this kind of question we show a "Sentiment Score" which is the percentage of "promoters" minus the percentage of "detractors", you should aim to keep your "Sentiment Score" above 80 overall.

Choices (checkbox) questions

This allows you to specify a number of choices for the player to pick from, they can choose as many as they like.

Choices (radio) questions

This allows you to specify a number of choices for the player to pick from, but they may only pick one option.

Paragraph questions

This allows you to ask for a freeform text answer and gives the player space to write as much as they like.

Short Text questions

This allows the user to type an answer but only allows them a single line.

Survey Complete

You can edit the text displayed on the "Survey Complete" page as well as control whether we should include your standard review buttons (linking to Google, TripAdvisor etc for a public review)

Survey Settings

The survey settings section allows you to control how the survey is sent out to players. You can have it sent out immediately (there may be up to a ten minute delay) or the next day, after 2 days etc. We recommend delaying the surveys between 1 and 3 days.

You can also set whether you will ask for explicit consent from the players to send them a survey. If you do then an extra checkbox will be added to your registration form. If you change this setting you should log out and log back in on the app to update its settings.

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