Post-Game Surveys

Post-game surveys are a simple yet powerful tool to get honest and nuanced feedback from your players with the added advantage that they can actually increase the number of reviews you receive as well.

Buzzshot can automatically send a survey a little time after the game (this is in addition to the messages containing the player's team photos). The survey is great for getting more nuanced feedback, sure a player may have loved the game but that doesn't mean there aren't things that can be improved! We also ask again for public reviews (TripAdvisor, Google etc) after the survey which turns out to be an effective time to do it.

You can use our prebuilt survey or your own custom survey, we recommend starting with ours then modifying as you see fit.

By asking your players the right questions, you can compare your best performers to your worst and gain valuable insight to make strategic business decisions - all whilst nurturing your community by showing your players you’re listening and you care!

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