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Posted in Buzzshot News by Tom Parslow on Mon 30 March 2020

It's been a crazy few weeks hasn't it? Many of you have had to shut down operations temporarily which is an absolutely huge thing. More broadly much of the world is in lockdown which is isolating, stressful, busy, depressing scary and sometimes very boring. I've certainly been feeling all of those things over the past couple of weeks.

One thing that's been bringing me hope has been seeing the creative ways the industry has been trying to solve the new puzzles the world is throwing at us. In particular the use of live video streams, using software such as Zoom or Google Hangouts, to play Escape Rooms is fascinating me. I was sceptical as first but now having played a game that way I believe it really does work. Playing with friends via video link gave some much needed social interaction, fighting the social isolation, and the game itself was a lot of fun.

So I've created as a way to promote these types of games and the people creating them. I've also created the Live Video Escape Rooms group on Facebook as a way to foster discussion and sharing of ideas between creators as we all chart these new waters together.

If you're interested in adapting one of your existing Escape Rooms or even creating a whole new experience please do join the group on Facebook. And please also consider booking and playing some of the games currently listed, I promise you you'll have fun and maybe pick up some interesting ideas!

I'm going to be adding guides to the website soon as well with some of the tips I've been picking up by talking to lots of people creating these games. And as soon as you have something for people to play yourself I encourage you to let me know so I can add you to the site. I would also massively appreciate it if you could share the site and the group with players and creators through social media or any other medium you have.

The site is and will remain free to players and creators. I'm not asking for a cut of bookings or anything of that sort (I link directly to the game's own booking page). I just want to see the industry thrive under these extraordinary new circumstances.

Stay safe and stay positive everyone!

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