Buzzshot’s New Post-Game Survey Feature Has Landed

Posted in Buzzshot News by Mairi Nolan on Wed 1 December 2021

And it's free for all new and existing Buzzshot users! Here are all the features, what to expect, and how to get started automating customer feedback for your escape room business

Post-game surveys are an escape room’s simplest and most effective tool to get to know their market and customers. Imagine being able to effortlessly capture the thoughts of all visitors and find out how they really felt?

Adding a survey to the end of the customer’s journey is an elegant solution, and a lot more effective than your Games Master asking the player if they enjoyed the game, or worse, waiting for a TripAdvisor or Yelp review to come out later. Especially in this post-covid world, there’s an even greater need for a business to be in tune with their customers' desires, in order to stay ahead of the game.

By asking your players the right questions, you can compare your best performers to your worst and gain valuable insight to make strategic business decisions - all whilst nurturing your community by showing your players you’re listening and you care!

A Tried & Tested Post-Game Survey for Escape Rooms

Buzzshot’s new post-game feedback survey system works by aggregating all your customer feedback into one easy-to-use platform. From the user-friendly interface, you can seamlessly drag and drop a range of question types and edit on the fly to ensure you’re getting the most from your players.

Pier Pressure, the UK’s favourite escape room company as voted by TERPECA two years in a row, has been recently trialling Buzzshot’s new survey feature. They’ve loved being able to fine tune their quality control at their site, especially comparing how different rooms and Games Masters are performing.

We spoke to one of the owners Phil Harris, who said

“We get a lot of positive reviews - almost on a daily basis! I think a lot are driven from our survey, and then Buzzshot pulls them all together in one place, so it ties together nicely.”

By developing and fine tuning the feature in a real life escape room environment, we can be sure it gives owners all the tools they need to efficiently manage their entertainment business.

If you’re struggling to motivate your players to leave positive reviews, or simply want to find out how their experience was, a post-game survey is the perfect way to get started. Over time, listening to your players will build up a positive rapport in the community. By knowing those customers on a deeper level, you can also tailor your interactions, encourage repeat visitations and recommendations, and use their feedback to be the best escape room in town.

The Feature Included with Buzzshot’s Post-Game Survey System:

Build a better player experience from start to finish with Buzzshot’s easy to use post-game survey. Some of the features include:

  • Instant Setup - Choose from a ready made, tried and tested template, or design your own post-game survey from scratch.

  • Automatic Scheduling - Take the stress out of following up and automatically schedule your survey to send a set number of days after their game.
  • Consent Fields - For enhanced data protection, toggle and customise a consent box your users can fill out during signup.
  • Quantitative Feedback - Use ‘Sentiment Scores’ and honest, quantitative feedback.
  • Qualitative Feedback - Use an unlimited number of text box questions to get qualitative feedback.

  • Specific Questions - Get answers to specific questions that are unique to your venue with different question types including multiple choice.
  • Encourage Reviews - Remind players what they enjoyed and encourage them to leave a public review after they give feedback.
  • Track Results over Time - Identify trends at your escape room site, or about the industry in general by tracking results over time.
  • Negative Survey Warning - Receive an immediate notification when a negative survey result is submitted.

  • Compare Sites, Rooms and GMs - Track the different results between different metrics such as sites, rooms or your Games Masters to see which are performing the best.
  • User Permissions - Control who in your organisation can view and edit surveys and responses.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports - so that you never forget to check the results, get reports scheduled to your own inbox at set intervals that work for you.

The Benefits of using a Post-Game Survey for your Escape Room Business

Some of the benefits to using a post-game survey include

A streamlined experience from the first to the last touch - Automatically follow up all escape room visits with a survey to give that last customer service touch point, say thank you, and remind players how much fun they had.

Dig into exactly what’s working - Identify which sites, escape rooms, or even games masters are performing the best. Reward your best performers, and give additional support to those who need help.

Players love giving their opinion - Even the most enthusiastic players may have some piece of useful feedback you can use to stay ahead of the game.

Identify escape room trends and stay ahead of the curve - Collect demographic information such as how far players have travelled, who they’re playing with, and what they enjoy most about escape rooms in general.

Actionable feedback to help you improve - Existing methods of collecting data don’t convey much subtlety. Negative feedback isn’t constructive and players who loved it typically don’t mention what could be improved.

If you’re looking to streamline your whole customer experience, from the very first touch to the final email, consider adding a post-game survey into the flow.

It’s so quick and easy to get started, and the benefits are countless!

How to Get Started with a Post-Game Survey

If you use Buzzshot for your escape room and you’re interested in trying the post-game survey feature out then you can read here about how to create your first survey.

If you’re not currently using Buzzshot to engage your escape room players, you can get a free 2 week trial!  

Get started with your free trial here. 

Tried buzzshot before? No problem, you're more than welcome to have another trial and see how post-game surveys can work for you!

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