Working to reopen your escape room venue? 
Or are you delivering games online?

Posted in Buzzshot News by Tom Parslow on Tue 6 April 2021


We do hope you and your team are doing ok!
The graph above clearly shows the impact of COVID-19 on Buzzshot and all our customers.

Buzzshot – working to help you reopen your escape room venue.

Back in 2019 Buzzshot was used by hundreds of escape room businesses worldwide to check-in and send team photos to over 1.45 million players.

2020 started well for everyone but since the pandemic hit in March 2020 it has been a world of ups and downs for all.

Player numbers shrank more than 50% globally during 2020. (Source: Buzzshot player check-ins – 1,455,743 for 2019, but down to 690,513 for 2020).

The blue line in the graph above shows the number of players using Buzzshot to check-in every week.

Sadly many businesses remain in lockdown and any business fortunate enough to be open, on the whole, is experiencing reduced bookings.

We have encouraged all our Buzzshot customers to pause or lower your subscription if you need to and we have introduced a ‘touchless registration’ feature to make things even safer and easier for your reopening – please just let us know if you’re planning to reopen or need anything else and we’ll do what we can to help you!

Telescape Live – delivering your games and experiences online.

The green line in the graph above shows an increasing number of businesses choosing to build and deliver online escape room experiences using our new 'Advanced Inventory System & Game Creation Tool'.

Between 1st January and 1st April 2021 Telescape was used by over 200 escape room businesses to deliver online experiences to over 75,500 players – that’s a pretty staggering number and the market looks to be growing!

Many of these Telescape powered experiences can be found on this independent list:

If you are intrigued by online escape rooms (whether live-avatar escape rooms, fully digital—and fully automated—rooms, or, something in between) please do let us know. You are very welcome to signup for a free Telescape trial account at:

Please just let us know if you need anything else and we’ll do what we can to help you!

Tom and Carl

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