Time Run's "Sherlock: The Game is Now" chooses Buzzshot's Escape Room Software

Posted in Buzzshot News by Tom Parslow on Mon 17 December 2018

I wanted you to be the first to know, the rumours are true! Buzzshot was the platform chosen to support the player admin for the groundbreaking new London Escape Room, ‘Sherlock: The Game is Now’. We’ve been secretly working with genius developers Time Run and while I won’t tell you much about the game - no spoilers here - I can tell you it’s well and truly going to knock your socks off.

This is the country's first ‘officially themed’ escape room, developed in conjunction with full involvement of the TV show producers. Players will come face to face with all their favourite characters, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss and Andrew Scott, as they spend around 90 minutes solving a completely new storyline developed by Gatiss.

We’ve really upped the game with Sherlock, so we needed to work with the most reliable and robust platform available[...] It was quite a challenge and Buzzshot was the obvious choice due to their powerful platform and their flexible approach to working with us.
Nick Moran Time Run game designer

Working with the team from Time Run is quite frankly a dream come true for us - there’s a reason these folks have the stellar reputation they do. The challenge they set for us over the time we worked on this project enabled us to take our platform to another level. Escape Room developer Nick Moran and his team have really kicked things up a notch with the Sherlock in-world experience. This meant we had to accommodate the most sophisticated back-end to date and really go that extra mile to ensure the Time Run team were able to deliver the consistently exceptional details that participants have come to expect from them.

The Game is Now’ is the most eagerly awaited room in the history of Escape Rooms. I’m excited to see how high the bar will be raised by this one.

Obviously, ‘Sherlock: The Game is Now’ is going to be the most epic Escape Room any of us have ever experienced. But beyond that, it’s totally raised the bar for the industry overall so it’s elementary (sorry) that we’ll now start seeing a run of ‘officially approved’ immersive experiences.

This is bound to bring Escape Rooms even further into the mainstream and while some may feel frowny about their favourite past time becoming popular (like that band you liked before they became famous) I’m firmly in the ‘this is BRILLIANT’ camp. Why? Because popularity means investment and investment means we - and others in the industry - can be even more technically ambitious. Bring it on!

The future is bright for the industry and we’re looking forward to seeing what the New Year brings. I know here at Buzzshot we’ve ambitious plans to build on the service features we developed working on Sherlock and capitalise on the incredible experience we gained working with the Time Run team. We want to see this level of quality go mainstream and we want to be the ones to help you do it. So, why not give yourself an early Christmas present and book a demonstration and free trial?

Here’s to a fun and immersive 2019 everyone!

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