Using the Buzzshot App

This page describes the standard way of using the Buzzshot app. There are lots of ways of customizing this flow to your particular requirements though, I've mentioned a few in the Alternatives sections but get in touch if you'd like help making it work in the ideal way for you.

Getting more reviews

Players love their escape room experience and they will happily leave you a great review if you ask them and if they remember. But life is busy and people forget!

Buzzshot Escape Room Software helps ensure the fun isn’t forgotten by automatically sending a follow up email and/or SMS text …

Create Photo Overlays

Buzzshot comes with a default photo overlay that puts the team name in the bottom left hand corner and your logo in the bottom right. But to make your photos really special you should consider making a custom one!

You can do anything from some slight tweaks to the logo …

Creating a new room

So you're opening a new game/experience? Congratulations!

You'll want to add the room in Buzzshot so that it shows up in the dropdown list when creating new teams. To do that head to The Admin and go to Settings > Change Rooms. Click copy under the room with …

Buzzshot Waivers

Buzzshot makes player registration and managing consent waivers simple – from team names to individual’s specifics, we’ve got you covered.

Buzzshot by default collects a Team Name, plus the Name, Email and Telephone Number of each individual player. But to use Buzzshot as a waiver system you'll also need to …

Forgotten Your Password?

Forgotten Your Password?

If you can't login to Buzzshot you probably need to reset your password:

  1. You can reset your Buzzshot password yourself by visiting:​
  2. Input either the email address associated with your Buzzshot account, or your Buzzshot account username.
  3. Once entered, you will be sent an …