A world of possiblities with integration between Buzzshot and Zapier

Posted in Buzzshot News by Tom Parslow on Fri 31 August 2018

We're constantly adding new things to Buzzshot to make it the best way to manage check-ins, waivers and photos for your Escape Room and to give you happier players and more reviews.

But there's so much more software out there that does different and complementary things. That's why Buzzshot supports Integrations to do things like add email addresses to Mailchimp, or to accept new order data from Xola or Bookeo. The only problem is that for each of those integrations it takes a little time for us to add them to Buzzshot, we'll keep on adding integrations over time but there's always going to be more software!

If only there was a way to let our users integrate with other software without needing a special Buzzshot->Software X integration... enter Zapier!

Zapier Logo Zapier is a neat service that let's you connect other bits of software together just like snapping together bits of Lego. Once a bit of software supports Zapier suddenly there's a whole world of possibilities to connect and remix and work out new processes.

So I'm really happy to say that Buzzshot now supports Zapier!

So what does this mean in practice? Well it means you no longer need to wait for us to add a new integration in order to connect Buzzshot to your favorite piece of software.

Use a different mailing list software to Mailchimp and want to sent your Buzzshot players to it? No problem!

Want all your players automatically added to a CRM? Easy!

Post your photos to Twitter or Pintrest? Yep!

Automatically upload photos from a folder on Dropbox? Absolutely!

You can even create teams and send pre-registration invite emails through Zapier. So if your booking software supports Zapier it can integrate with Buzzshot!

If you're a Buzzshot customer (hi there!) you can read about using Zapier here, and please get in touch to discuss what you'd like to do with it.

If you're not a Buzzshot customer then why not come give it a try with our FREE two week trial and find out why everyone's talking about Buzzshot!

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