How the award-winning Pier Pressure supercharge customer service with Post-Game Surveys

Posted in Case Studies by Mairi Nolan on Wed 26 January 2022

Using post-escape room surveys to supercharge your customer service. Here’s how Pier Pressure, the UK’s highest rated escape room, did it…

As all owners know, running an escape room business is an immensely rewarding job, but it’s also more than a full time job. From creating weird and wonderful rooms, to managing a team of brilliant Games Masters, to staying competitive and bringing new players through the doors... It’s a lot! But it all boils down to the one, most important aspect of your whole business: making sure your customers are happy.

Do you know what makes your players tick?

Post-game surveys are an escape room’s best tool for capturing your player’s thoughts after their experience and parcelling it up into useful, bitesize information for you and your managers to make informed decisions. A post-game survey is an incredibly powerful tool in your marketing and customer service arsenals, and not using one puts your escape room business at a disadvantage.

One such escape room who have been using post-game surveys to streamline their business for years is Pier Pressure in Brighton, UK. The multiple TERPECA nominated site sends out an automated customer satisfaction survey with Buzzshot a day after each player’s game, meaning they can fine tune their quality control across all rooms and members of the team. The survey also reminds players of the fun they had, right before they go on to leave a review.

For them, the post-game survey accelerates the business and frees up the owners’ time to focus on the fun stuff, creating amazing escape rooms and delivering outstanding customer service. We spoke to owner Phil Harris to find out how they’ve done it.

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Meet Pier Pressure, The UK’s Favourite Escape Room

Pier Pressure are pioneers in the UK’s escape room industry and one of the key reasons for their continuous success is that they listen to their customers to make sure they’re consistently delivering a brilliant experience for all who walk through the door.

Located in Brighton, UK, Pier Pressure has been voted as the UK’s favourite escape room company in the Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiast’s Choice Awards (TERPECA) two years in a row! In addition to hosting award winning escape rooms, the Pier Pressure team also operate Paradox Place - an interactive exhibition of illusions and magic tricks, Puzzle Parade - an outdoor walking experience around the streets of Brighton, and two annual Halloween and Christmas live events at local stately home, Preston Manor.

Pier Pressure were early adopters of Buzzshot’s post-game survey feature, and here are some of the reasons using a post-game survey has accelerated their success in the past few years.

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Pier Pressure’s adoption of post game surveys

Since opening their doors in March 2018, Pier Pressure had worked with a legacy system to collect post-game feedback from their customers. Whilst this was sufficient enough to get the business started, their dissatisfaction with the legacy software grew.

Pier Pressure already used Buzzshot to manage their escape room players - from processing player’s game times, displaying live leaderboards, and printing photographs onto a variety of merchandise to upsell to teams. Working together with Buzzshot, Pier Pressure were keen to develop a new post-game survey feature that worked well in their fast-paced environment and most crucially, to develop one that interacted with the existing system so that they could understand their guest experience as a whole.

The idea was to collect customer feedback and surveys, and then push those same customers towards future sales, recommending Pier Pressure to their friends, and leaving online reviews.

“It's a really, really invaluable feature and gives us exactly the information we care about.”

We spoke with co-owner Phil Harris to gain his feedback on the success of the change so far, which comes down to three key contributing factors.

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Using post game surveys for escape room quality control

First of all, Pier Pressure uses it’s post-game survey data for quality control. With such a strong reputation for having brilliant escape rooms and fantastic customer service, they’ve been using the survey to ask the important questions about the customer’s journey: How was the room? Which puzzles worked well? Was anything broken? Did the Games Master give a good introduction brief? Enough hints? And so on.

Phil went on to explain,

“Buzzshot makes it very easy to monitor the individual members of staff. The nice thing is that it automatically links the survey data with that booking group and we can see who the host was.”

This means that Games Masters going above and beyond can be rewarded, and anyone providing a less than perfect experience can be better supported by management. The happier the team, the happier the players!

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Encouraging repeat customers and positive reviews

The other way in which Pier Pressure are accelerating their escape room business is by including the post-game survey as a part of their marketing funnel. This is done in two ways.

Firstly, players who fill out the post-game survey are rewarded with a 15% discount code and encouraged to return to play another room at a future date. Furthermore, this code is valid at both Pier Pressure and Paradox Place.

Secondly, the post-game survey is scheduled to be sent a few days after each player’s visit. This means that players will be in a much better position to leave a review and be reminded of what they enjoyed most about their visit before prompted to leave a review. Overall, this increases the likelihood of a player leaving a positive review.

Since switching to Buzzshot’s in-build survey system, Phil has noticed a lot of positive reviews following the customer feedback,

“We get a lot of positive reviews - almost on a daily basis! I think a lot are driven from our survey, and then Buzzshot pulls them all together in one place, so it ties together nicely.”

It’s all too easy for a player to forget about their experience a few days later but that additional prompt and an incentive to book is an excellent way to keep loyal customers engaged and encourage them to support your business with a review.

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Tools for engaging with your customers after their visit

Overall, Pier Pressure are very happy with Buzzshot’s post-game survey solution. By making the switch from a legacy system to Buzzshot’s new, custom built survey feature, Pier Pressure have seen an increase in response rates and been able to collect a huge amount of reliable and useful data to keep the business running smoothly.

The result is a fully automated post-game survey system that provides useful, bitesize information for the managers to make informed decisions. Buzzshot does all the heavy lifting, leaving the team free to focus on the fun stuff - creating ground-breaking immersive escape room experiences, delivering brilliant customer service and winning awards for all their hard work too!

Following the success of post-game surveys at Pier Pressure, the new feature is currently being rolled out to all interested owners in the Buzzshot community worldwide. The best part is that because the new feature has been developed for a real life escape room and tested in the field, Buzzshot has made sure it has all the tools an escape room owner needs to level up their business and provide benefits that many sites don’t even know they’re missing.

Read more about Post-Game Surveys here and all about how Post-Game Surveys work in Buzzshot here. Buzzshot customer? Then read how to set up your first survey here.

If you want to see how a post-game survey can level up your escape room business, you can get a free trial of Buzzshot here (even if you've had a trial in the past). Or if you have questions then get in touch about the new feature today be emailing us at

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